Unif0rm has its strong roots in making corporate uniforms since 1974. Two generations later, Pia See leads the company with her creative direction to bring a fashion brand from Manila to the world, inspired by the modern woman of today.

The brand’s journey since then has been well-received inside the wardrobes of the stealthily stylish around the world. Unif0rm allowed women to have a renewed relationship with their clothes, that quality and comfort, mixed with a timeless aesthetic are meant to be worn over and over again, season-to-season.

Unif0rm stays committed to its sustainable fashion philosophy avoiding material wastage, and sources material from small to medium-scale fabric suppliers based in Manila. The choice of fabric selected is mindfully aligned with its commitment to combine quality with affordability.

Every Unif0rm piece is a reflection of the modern woman, who fearlessly takes on each day with effortless style. 

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