FAME+ is Manila FAME’s new Digital Trade Community Platform which went online in October 2020.? Its name, accentuated by the plus (+) sign, embodies Manila FAME’s intent to provide more ways to promote Filipino MSMEs and add value to the sourcing experience.

It aims to take Philippine design into the digital age by bringing together exhibitors, buyers, and stakeholders—the FAME+ community—in one digital space. Unbound by space and time, FAME+ is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This new platform exhibits the Manila FAME brand’s capability to evolve and do more in championing Filipino MSMEs. Using the power of storytelling, technology, and imagery to promote the work of the country’s finest manufacturers, brands, and artisans, FAME+ intends to ensure and improve the discoverability of exhibitors online, offering them endless possibilities and opportunities to connect to more markets globally.

FAME+ is also designed to complement the future editions of the Manila FAME physical trade show, offering stakeholders a hybrid trade show experience in years to come. 

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