A proud island wear fashion designer, Twinkle Ferraren was born in the Philippines and trained in London. A true island girl and advocate for sustainable design, Twinkle is deeply inspired by dreams and the tropics, and works with artisans and tribes from across the archipelago to create wonderful collections. 

Twinkle fiercely advocates for the use of ethically-sourced and sustainably-made fashion pieces and highlights the use of traditional textiles and natural, indigenous fibers such as pineapple, silk, cotton, and abaca (Manila hemp) to uplift Philippine design. These materials and textiles are sourced locally to help support the many communities of artisans who work with her and the brand. 

Aside from prioritizing the use of local fabrics and materials, she also puts Philippine design in focus through the use of the country’s tropical and islandic iconography in her collections. 

With every collection, Twinkle explores a range of textile techniques, from screen-printing to embroidery and beadwork, and continually seeks new ways to bring together weaving traditions and innovations in design through the use of modern technology. Many of her pieces are handmade, handwoven, hand-painted, and hand-beaded, making each truly one-of-a-kind. 

Whether it be an accessory, swimsuit, or full resort ensemble, pieces by Twinkle Ferraren are always a reflection of Philippine ingenuity and creativity, which appeal to the greater global market because of her strong creative vision. 


Metro Manila x Baguio City, Philippine Islands

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