TSEC [say: check] is Filipino local with a thinking of global - design, quality, customer service.

Founded by Allan “Baldis” R. Agala, it started simply with the goal of having one PH designed and made footwear brand, to be known and loved at home and abroad, manage, done. But where’s the challenge in all of that, which is really the fun part, if the designs are just as common as everyone else and are made with the same unmindful practices?

So, we said, let’s not just make footwear; let’s make a statement:


The core of our operations, no hidden agenda or surprises with everything we do and is open to anyone to scrutinize if we fail to do so. When said we designed the collection, we honestly mean it because it’s not easy, takes a lot of time on research and defending the feasibilities is only possible with solid experience. When we showed you the small shop where the shoes are done, by a handful of master shoemakers, we proudly own to it.



Materials we use are sourced all-over the country, from the plant fabric weavers of Banaue and Aklan, to the embroidery capital Laguna, and leathers from some of the oldest remaining tanneries in Bulacan.


We believe that to survive and be loved by our customers, we start by treating our relationship with all partners and its workforce always guided with moral values and principles, utmost respect and professionalism. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true.


Right from the start of concept building until the boxing of our carefully curated products, we do it all by ourselves to the highest level, no shortcuts, the old-school way.  That’s passion. Combined with craftsmanship, you may call our shoes an art. Cool? We hope you think so.


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