Tina Campos Jewelry, which started in 2002,  is one of the leading fashion accessory makers in the Philippines  Their eclectic pieces constantly evolve with unique contemporary artistry while maintaining its handcrafted classic flair and Global quality.  More than just a success story of a Filipino entrepreneurship, Tina Campos Jewelry is an epitome of this generation's empowerment of Women designers. Their mission is to promote local craftsmanship and personal advocacy to enable women of all walks of life through elegant jewelry that transcend trend and time.

The venture started as a hobby and is now a family business. The shift in product focus has also expanded from using traditional Philippine freshwater pearls, semi precious stones, corales, chains, wood, and shell jewelry; into more design-intensive fashion accessories. Their success has landed their fine jewelry to luxury hotels in the country, and even made their way to the US and UK.

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