Terra Philippines is an eco-fashion brand creating unique fashion items with sustainability as our core value. Our inaugural brand offering, THE ISLA, is a bag made out of coconut coir, recycled fabric and faux leather. It also has detachable organizers perfect for the on-the-go Filipina who values style and versatility all crafted in a unique eco-fashion statement.

Starting as a school project, Terra Philippines was created for our entrepreneurship class back in 2017. The Isla Bag piqued the curiosity of the public because of its advocacy for more sustainable fashion. We tapped into Filipino communities and SMEs, along with local sewers to help with the creation of our product. All things considered, this would not have been possible without our source of inspiration and overall concept, the coconut juice vendor in front of our school that displayed coconut husks.



While trying to come up with an innovative design for our bag, we noticed that there are scattered coconut husks outside our school campus. Determined to turn these by-products into something useful, we incorporated the coconut coir material as accents for our design. We also used overrun fabrics for the inner lining of our bag to close the loop in textile wastage.

Despite our being new to the market and running the business as teenagers, our brand joined and won awards in an international business competition for young entrepreneurs in 2019. The Isla Bag was featured in different print, radio and TV platforms across the country.

Still a long way ahead on our entrepreneurial journey, our goal is to raise awareness on environmental sustainability and eco-fashion by creating products that are unique, sustainable and fit for the lifestyle of the modern-day Filipina. We envision a modern-meets-native take on designing fashion that highlights Filipino culture but blends with the evolving present times.

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