Their passion for creating women’s fashion using indigenous textile materials has made Tan-Gan one of the most innovative fashion design companies in Asia. They release four esteemed collections every year-each one an expression of their material reinvention, contemporary design technique, and commitment to high standards. All TAN–GAN items are 95% handmade: hand–loomed (knitted and woven) by artisans in the Philippines.

At TAN–GAN, they celebrate quality and craftsmanship. Generations of knowledge and skill go into their hand loomed and han natural materials. They only work with the best artisans in the Philippines to define a new level of exclusivity and everyday luxury – and ultimately, create modern heirlooms.

An iconic name in the local fashion industry, TAN-GAN is best known as a designer label for knitwear for the confident, fashionable, and active female market of today. Founded and managed by Lulu Tan-Gan, the company first established its manufacturing, exporting, and retailing business in the Philippines in the early mid 80's. TAN-GAN continues to be the forerunner in marrying local and worldly aesthetics through knits, in turn framing her as the “Queen of Knits” of the Philippines.

Fashion Philosophy The TAN-GAN fashion philosophy boasts of worldly flair and techniques relevant for the global market and grounded by local indigenous materials and textures familiar to the Filipino. Specializing on knitwear, TAN-GAN continues to offer travel-friendly chic wear for jet setters.  With simple, unhampered fluid designs, coupled with contemporary and functional silhouette, TAN-GAN embraces the active and abundant lifestyle with a forward-looking outlook in fashion.

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