Tahanan Furniture aims to craft consciousness in the Filipino home with bespoke furniture and curated home goods. Our bespoke furniture is made and designed with intention in our workshop at Betis, Pampanga. They are inspired by our own culture and traditional craftsmanship, with the use of natural materials and by way of sustainable practices.

Aside from this, we curate various pieces of home goods made by different Filipino artisan communities from all over the country and highlight the products of local indigenous groups.

Our mission is to bring home the warmth and comfort of our Filipino roots from various parts of the Philippines to shape your home.

Tahanan Furniture has two sub-brands namely Bahay-bahayan which is a furniture brand designed for play. Each piece from Bahay Bahayan collections are an aid in creating an environment for learning, creativity, and fun.

Our other sub-brand works in the philosophy that furniture is designed with purpose, long life and quality. Tahanan Flea Market aims to support the circular economy in the furniture industry by repairing, repurposing, and redesigning secondhand furniture. The flea market collaborates with customers of Tahanan to help their second hand Furniture find a new home.

Inquire through the following:

Visit our website link: http://www.tahananfurniture.com/

Email us at [email protected]

Message us on Telegram / Viber / WhatsApp at (+63) 966 210 1926

Or message us at Facebook/Instagram 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tahananfurniture

IG: https://www.instagram.com/tahananfurniture

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