Sunwood Export is a woodcraft company that the Ruiz family started in 1986. One of the products they began manufacturing was the throne like peacock chair also known as the Manila chair. The iconic chair traces its origins as early as 1914 to the Manila Bilibid Prison where inmates were tasked to weave home furnishings. Versions of the peacock chair maintained its popularity way into the 1990s. When it was no longer in vogue, the company shifted to tabletop woodcraft, specifically bowls, plates, chopping boards and trays made of acacia also known as monkey pod wood. 

Acacia is the wood of choice for artisans for several reasons. It has minimal shrinkage when drying, it is insect and rot resistant and the grain pattern has a distinct and captivating contrast. 

Sunwood products are both functional and decorative and are hand carved by skilled craftsmen from a single solid piece of wood. All items are food safe and go through stringent quality control measures that check moisture content, color, accuracy and sizing. Among Sunwood’s best selling products is the round bottom Calabash Bowl which resembles a bottle gourd. 

Sunwood products are exported to the USA, Europe, Canada and the Middle East. They have been recently exporting to Russia and Africa. They participated in Manila Fame in previous years, as well as the HK Houseware Fair normally held in April and October. Select items are available on Alibaba.

Sunwood Export is located at Manila.

Contact Info

Kathy Ruiz


General Luna Street, Paco Manila Metro Manila Philippines 1007

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