Studio Sampaguita is all about tailored casuals. It is inspired by high quality tailoring blended seamlessly with Filipino culture. Started by husband and wife, Mark and Carin Aguas, the brand is influenced by both the 1920s and 1950s sartorial fashion. Mark and Carin have been in  tailoring for almost 15 years. They started Masanting Sastreria, a local tailoring shop, whose hand sewn cuts and techniques are influenced by Neopolitan and British tailoring back in 2006. Since then the couple crafted suits for international and local clients. The brand slowly grew from a hobby to eventually a business. 




Considered among the favorites of local menswear enthusiasts, Masanting Sastreria’s team of highly skilled tailors is the same team behind this casual line. Created June 2020, at the start of COVID, Mark and Carin decided to design a line which can be WFH essentials - but tailored. To add a Filipino touch to the brand, the couple partnered up with different weavers from the Abra community. Using their intricate designs and mesmerizing weaves combined with materials sourced from Italy and UK, the result is a blend of local and international fashion that is both timeless in quality and modern in appeal. Studio Sampaguita focuses on crafting the details of a classic menswear clothing. The products range from single breasted full canvas jackets, shirt jackets, pleated trousers and shorts, shirts made from hand loomed fabrics and tropical tote bags. Although highly influenced by the sartorial men’s fashion, it also proudly boasts of a 40% female client base. 

“We’ve been in the business for over more than a decade, the reason we’ve been so blessed is because of our talented pool of tailors and the relationship that we have with them. They are our family. Every successful piece we deliver, we celebrate. We celebrate the small wins. And we work most hard together when there are trials. It is this beautiful synchronization of hard work and talents that make Studio Sampaguita one of a kind.” 

Carin, Co - founder of Studio Sampaguita.


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