Stride Collective was co-founded by different shoe brand owners from the Philippines, who saw the value of handcrafted shoes made in the country’s shoemaking capital, Marikina City. From exceptionally hand-made shoes to uniquely flavored and fresh designs, we’ve built this collective to make it easier to discover and support ethically-made footwear handcrafted by Marikina shoemakers.

Our Partner Brands

Collaboration over competition. We’ve partnered with local shoepreneurs (shoe entrepreneurs) whom we share the same values of creating impact through community-driven commerce. Aside from having different eyes for design, we help build the communities we work with-- from our shoemakers to our raw material suppliers all over the Philippines.





Our Partner Artisans

We employ experienced shoe artisans straight from the Philippines’ shoe capital, Marikina City.  On top of this, we ensure that they are all provided above-industry standard wages, a good working environment, and workshops to help develop their intrapersonal skills and financial intelligence. With their unparalleled eye for detail and hard work, they realize our designs and turn them into wearable art while providing for their families.





What's more to love

Since we hand-make all our footwear in our workshop & as our way to make fashion more sustainable, most designs are available in all sizes in all times. 

Our Impact Together

With every purchase, you support our dream of a world of ethically made footwear handcrafted by empowered artisans.


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