Stonesets International, Inc., is a 100% Filipino- owned Family Corporation that was established in 1988. It is aptly located in the industrial zone area of Mandaue City and is about 15-20 minutes drive from the Mactan International airport.  The company manufactures furniture and home accessories using imported lumber of Beech & Radiata Pine, and Philippine species of wood such as Mahogany, Lauan and Gemelina. They also use other indigenous materials found in the Philippines such as, bamboo, rattan, arorog, wicker, coco products, fossilized stone and shells to name a few.

Their various products carry the fine craftsmanship and dedication of experienced craftsmen who make perfection their trademark with every step of the production process. The company stands for total customer satisfaction and takes pride in continually producing masterpieces which clients treasure for years.

The company see themselves to be known as one of the top producers of high quality and design- oriented furniture and home accessories in the Philippines and abroad.


Stonesets International started catering to the international market, specifically the American Market and the Middle East Market. The company has produced classical fine furniture that has graced the beautiful villas of Sheiks and Royalty in the Middle East, Nelson Mandela of South Africa and the Royalty in Malaysia, to name a few, and many more.

In 2006, Vito Selma started designing modern furniture with his core style – raw, natural and unrestricted. Inspired by the outdoors, Selma’s designs are all about nature and architecture.

“What I like about having things very natural is that it gives the buyer a blank canvas,” he says “Natural shapes, like the wave, are easy for everyone to relate to. Yet, its simplicity gives to many forms, making it flexible.”


Management Team

The company is a family owned corporation, headed by Moises C. Selma Jr., with Evelyn Dira Selma and Vito Selma as Managing Directors. This company is an amalgamation of his love for manufacturing and hers for the Arts.

Loyalty is one asset of the company that they can be proud of.  Some employees have been in the company since the start or 25 years ago.

The husband and wife team has brought this company several awards, most of it from the furniture industry. The company has been awarded for material innovation, best booth, best product, through the cooperation of Vito Selma and the company.

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