SIGNATURE BY CHALL, INC. (SBC) was co-founded in 2014. The love for embroider and trimmings has inspired H. Jamil Al Chall and Partners to establish a company in the Philippines. The creativity of the people and the abundance of talents and skills gave an opportunity to continue old traditions creating beautiful products for the homes and institutions.

Traditionalist at heart, H. Jamil Al Chall gets his inspiration from a combination of East and West culture and designs from different eras. Designs has evolved from classic to modern classic to surprise and stimulate the senses of the customer. Through his guidance, the design team transforms the ideas into unique collections, distinct furniture, hand-crafted accessories, embroidered wall arts that make powerful style statements.

Our product range which started as fabric and trimmings source only has expanded to furniture and furnishings. SBC’s products are both hand-made and machine-made to be able to satisfy the requirement of the market.

Not limited to In-house production, SBC’s ability to outsource from the most capable and reliable partners globally has given the company flexibility in making a dream to reality. Our solid relationship with our partners have grown so that our product are the perfect fusion of innovation, craftsmanship and timeless design. Working hand-in-hand with production and our In-house quality inspector with real-time update to adhere to commitment given to the customers.

Our expertise in traditional woodworking skills, tailoring, special techniques in upholstery and skills combined with modern technology and unique, exotic materials that can be found in amazing places with our mission to preserve and develop further the traditional way of doing the work.

SBC’s showroom in Bacolor, Pampanga represents a wide-range of material and product, creating the perfect environment in which to choose the most ideal product for all customer’s to enjoy.

The Design Team together with our production are now busy with our latest experimentation on using Industrial material in harmony with our special upholstery and weaving technique. SBC will magically weave a young and vibrant look to a traditional framework.

Each product of SBC are developed thru the collaboration of the whole team that expresses our passion for uniqueness at its best.


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