Shell Arts Co Inc. manufactures beautiful and luxurious product lines from home decor such as tableware, bathroom accessories, lighting and furniture to architectural product like wall covering, fire rated door and screens made from natural seashells.

Shell Arts Co Inc. was founded in 1929 in the Philippine islands by an American family whose primary business was to manufacture mother of pearl buttons. The company has diversified its product line in lighting producing lamp shade made from colorful capiz shells and brass bindings.

In the 60’s under the healm of Hershel Swiryn, they developed the laminated capiz shell for the initial purpose of a suitable alternative to mother of pearl buttons. The capiz shell lamination has then evolved to tableware, bathroom accessories, giftware, home decors and lightings.

Today’s innovation in the use of mother of pearl and capiz shells has been carried to wall coverings, furniture, fire rated doors, decorative screens and architectural products.

Unit 1509 Cityland Condominium 10, Tower II, Makati, Philippines City Of Makati NCR Philippines 1200

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