Natural Craft is a Filipino company established since 2000. Originally, we started as a sub-contractor in the province of Bicol where our handful of workers and source of materials are from. After experiencing unexpected natural calamities, the company, together with our employees, moved at the last quarter of 2008 in a small town of Batangas. With accessibility to International Port of Batangas, proximity to Manila, better working conditions and favorable weather of the province, the company stayed for good up to this present time.


As the name implies, we are solely focused on producing natural and organic products. NCCE is engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of 100% handwoven rugs, carpets, baskets, canisters, placemats, table runners using indigenous materials like abaca fibers, internationally known as “Manila hemp”. We provide good quality native decorative solutions to known hotels, resorts, spas, condominiums, and residential spaces.



This company proudly aims to provide jobs as well as income opportunities in the pursuit of community-based self-reliance and a sustainable development. We also believe that innovation can be achieved through the use of sustainable raw materials and exhibiting Filipino craftsmanship globally.

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