Saint Jude International Export Corporation is a recognized manufacturer and exporter of Christmas and other holiday décor, which include collections of the Holy Family, Nativity, Angels, and Santa Claus, among others. While focused on yuletide designs, Saint Jude also produces décor for other seasonal holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, Halloween, and Easter.

From a small company that was incorporated in 2004, Saint Jude has grown exponentially to export products all around the world. It serves both the high-end and low-end markets. Their entire output is sent abroad with half headed to the US. South America is the second-leading overseas destination, accounting for 40 percent of shipments. The rest is delivered to the EU, which will be the focus of the company market expansion plans.

A proudly Filipino company, Saint Jude sources materials locally and uses native textiles in its production, including abaca, capiz shells, and sinamay, among others.

In a year, Saint Jude launches over 400 new designs/ models, with samples completed in just 20 days. The company can produce as monthly capacity of 10,000 pieces, with quality assurance checks conducted in each stage of production – from molding to finishing. To ensure quality and quick delivery fulfillment, Saint Jude operates two factories in San Pedro, Laguna, with the workshops occupying a combined area of 1,400 sqm.



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