“We bring stones to life”—that’s the tagline of PumiceUnlimited Ventures, a company started by Divinagracia de Jesus in 1992. The company specializes in products made of pumice stone, a highly vesicular pyroclastic igneous rock that is formed when ejected into the air as a froth containing masses of gas bubbles or vesicles. When the lava solidifies, the vesicles are contained in the rock, giving it a unique texture through the cavities found at its surface and within.

This material is known to be used in foot scrubs. But in this brand’s catalogue, pumice is reimagined and maximized in the forms of urns, garden pots, vases, bowls, soap beds/dishes, and even picture frames.

Now recognized as the leading and sole manufacturer of pumice stone products in the Philippines, PumiceUnlimited Ventures has always had its eyes set on penetrating the US and European markets.

Over the years, they’ve successfully put the country on the global map through this business. It shines the light on a distinctly Filipino by-product of Mt. Pinatubo’s volcanic rocks, which are hand-gathered from the eruption site. The lightweight and light-colored rocks’ natural composition and non-toxic properties make them great materials for cleaners, foot scrubs, and garden accessories.

Their office and factory is located in Tarlac.


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