Handmade and slow­made polymer clay and resin statement earrings made to overpower the craziness life throws at you.

One look at these pieces, you probably will not think much of the story behind them. They are colorful, bold and pretty enough to see. You might even be interested in buying a pair or two. But the owner and founder, Rose, sees her budding business as more than just that.

Pickles and Poppies was not as easy to start as you would think. For Rose, who already has established a career in the events industry, it was much different. Prior to the conception of Pickles and Poppies, life had turned into a day-to-day struggle. At that time, she found the much-needed escape in a hobby in order to fight a depressive disorder and break the cycle. Something that sparked from an unfortunate situation has now developed into a venture that aims not just to add something extra on your look but could also create a positive impact to yourself and others.

Pickles & Poppies wants to primarily empower each person that would take interest in her accessories. These handmade items may just be that, but it may also be the reason why you or someone you meet smiles at the sight of your curated outfit. It may also be the reason why someone may feel so pumped up in the morning, excited to look good for no one but his or herself. No matter the purpose for every unique individual that decides to choose Pickles and Poppies, Rose wants her creations to be a reminder of and bring positivity into the lives of others.

Everyone needs that extra push or that extra glimmer of hope occasionally. Through an accessory, a kind comment, a friend that stays a little while on that Zoom call to ask you how you are. With Pickles and Poppies, bold colors and unique patterns are used as a symbol of life’s chaotic beauty, and how we have the power to use it to make us feel good about who we are.

2 Liverpool St., Merville Park, Paranaque

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