Philux is a proudly Filipino manufacturer and retailer of furniture founded in 1980. What started as a husband and wife team with two carpenters has now become a two hundred-person team involved in production and retail, across our workshop and seven showrooms around Metro Manila.


We are known for exquisitely crafted collections of furniture designs for residential living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, as well as hotels, restaurants and offices. Ranging from classic to contemporary, our pieces are strongly characterized by refined aesthetics and a unique feel, born out of a harmonious fusion between design and function.



Philux furniture pieces are manufactured of premium kiln dried local Mahogany, European Linden, sustainably-sourced Ash, and sustainably-sourced Walnut wood. Perhaps the very thing that separates us from other furniture designers and builders in the country is that we practice age-old Filipino craftsmanship, combined with modern technology and methods, in an effort to produce quality pieces at the best possible value. Our production standard merges beauty and durability – the very essence of fine furniture making.

Our purpose is to develop and share conscious and finely crafted Filipino designs for every home that can be passed on from generation to generation. Our vision is to tell the Filipino story through living spaces, inspire a mindful way of life, and nurture a profound love for pieces produced by Filipino hands.

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