The love for fashion, interiors and travel is one of the reasons, Patty started this adventure along with strong values and beliefs not only with a creative vision, but to create sustainability, culture and humanity. 

Working alongside her filmmaker/photographer husband, Alex J Searle as multidisciplinary creatives for various global brands and establishments whilst also previously working for an airline, brought her a lot of inspiration that has opened up an opportunity to curate pieces that passionately speak for themselves and present products that capture the clean, contemporary and timeless aesthetic style.

With six years involvement in the family business of construction in Manila, Philippines along with building and selling properties, Patty has the understanding of the interior design's complex needs and various architectural projects. With this, “Passions of Patty” (PxP) is ready to work with you side by side - a brand that is defined by elegance and exclusivity that values the sustainability of every piece. 

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