Paperbound had simple beginnings. It was a small neighborhood printing shop, offering photocopying, printing documents and business cards, ID lamination, plotting and blueprinting. After 2 years of operations, business was discouraging. Henry Chua realized that he had a choice, close his business or reimagine it. He went the creative route. He started printing art - in boxes, gift wrappers and cards. It was a success. His small projects and out of the box ideas paid off. Paperbound expanded into printing wallpapers, stationery, paintings, wall décor - virtually anything that Chua could think of. 

From a printing business that produced photocopies and blueprints, Chua’s Paperbound evolved into a homeware business known for its fanciful depictions of the Filipino vernacular: churches, architecture, furniture, dances, flora and fauna that populate wallpaper, lamps and money envelopes.  Its Filipino-themed products are printed with images of the Malacañang Palace, maps of Intramuros and even Jose Honorato Lozano’s depictions of 19th century Filipinos in their element.  In addition to the well-loved Filipino line are other international themes such as the Mughal series, the Iznik series, the Van Gogh series and the Winter series. Made to be decorative, some of Paperbound’s products are further enhanced by other ornamentation such as silk tassels.


Paperbound consistently exhibits in local home and gift fairs, winning the KATHA Award for Best Product Design Home Decor in the 69th edition of the Manila FAME. Chua leaves his paper comfort zone for FAME+ with the Apollo, a face mask made of Italian python leather. It is his answer to the pandemic.


Paperbound is located at Cubao, Quezon City.

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