O+S furniture furnishings, is a fresh concept carrying, but not limited to outdoor furniture and accessories with exceptional designs and quality. It never hesitates to strongly compete in the market. A few months after it started, it has gained reputation of being a furniture supplier that is affordable, stylish, honest and easy to work with. As a result it has grown so fast, handling big projects from architects, interior designers and well known companies. Essentially, it is a one stop shop for all of one’s furniture requirement, from urgent furniture needs to specialized projects.



Our products are made of high quality and sustainable materials and can be customized to suit the taste and themes of the end user. O+S furniture furnishings is a furniture brand with an abundant drive and passion, where clients are valued and deadlines are respected. Our strength comes from experience, flexibility and most especially from our skilled workers and dedicated employees. Most of our designs come from inspirations brought about by nature, stories that we encounter in everyday activities, as well as people and personalities. It is anything and everything, creatures of nature such as birds, fish, the sky, the sea, and everything else that tickles one’s creative fancy. We incorporate them with pieces that give comfort and functionality.


We modernize classic pieces yet do not leave out the history each piece were drawn from. O+S furniture furnishings use only high quality materials like polyethylene weaves and aluminium frames that meet international standards. We ensure to provide excellent service, design and quality to attain its ultimate goal which is customer satisfaction


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