Orient Meadow Export Corporation offers a wide range of straw hats and bags, craft items, holiday decor, and home decor. All raw materials used by Orient Meadow are natural, abundant, biodegradable and endemic to the Philippines.

The company was started in 1987 by Rosario Olego, an employee turned entrepreneur. Her visits to nearby provinces as well as to Manila’s wholesale market, Divisoria, piqued her interest in local handicrafts. She saw the potential in local talent as well as the availability of raw materials. She began with hats made of raffia. Raffia is a natural fiber from the palm tree that is durable, breathable, foldable making it the perfect material for hats. 

For houseware, abaca is Orient Meadow’s preferred material for items like placemats. Abaca, also known as Manila Hemp, is a durable natural fiber that adds an element of nature to the dining table. Other natural fibers like sinamay, sabutan, buntal, pandan and buri are used for bags, planters and other décor.

Orient Meadow’s products offer a fresh take on traditional materials and Rosario Olego says the best ideas are from meaningful collaborations with clients.

The company exports worldwide, but the bulk of their orders come from the UK and France.

Orient Meadow is located in Manila.

Contact Info

Rosario Olego / Richelle Olego - Filart  


632 2411065 


IG orient_meadow

Rm 902 Enterprise Bldg., 524 Quintin Paredes St. Binondo, 

Metro Manila Philippines 1006 







Rm 902 Enterprise Bldg., 524 Quintin Paredes St., Binondo, Manila

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