Nakedtoes.mnl creates pieces that are odes to vernacular tradition, creativity, and materiality.


Den Sanchez was the bright mind behind the footwear line. She was inspired by her love for fashion; the shores of Uson, in the province Masbate; and her desire to help local craftsmen who specialized in the art of weaving mats. She wanted to create footwear that harked to the laid-back environment of the seaside, and supported local industries by finding innovative applications of the local heritage. Our designs take inspiration from indigenous methods and patterns and harness traditional craftsmanship, creating a renewed appreciation for the time-honored heritage of weaving and braiding, incorporating them with novel materials and techniques.


We craft pieces that transform humble water hyacinths and recycled tires into fashion-forward, polished, and comfortable footwear-a perfect fit for the modern, fast-paced lifestyle. The wearer becomes one with nature and connects with primeval modes of creation, when humanity acquired the ability to fashion objects from fibrous materials found in nature.

47 molave st. valle verde 3 pasig city

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