MURILLO, though formally established only in 1993, is actually a company of people whose know-how and skills in the art of making quality furniture go way back. Allan and Chris Murillo's father, Asher, has been a furniture craftsman since the early 60's and used to bring them to his workplace when they were kids, sparking their interest in the craft.

The brothers imbibed their father's love for his work and everything connected with it. It came as no surprise at all that they have made it their life's work as well. To arm themselves with the needed technical skills, they took up studies in welding, electricity, carpentry, and etc. during their school years. Working and learning from the expertise of craftspeople around them, they discovered their innate talent for art and design and, thus, set out to make their mark in the furniture industry.

Their experience made them develop a good understanding of specific materials and their potentials as well as their limitations and appropriateness. Their work experience in Australia, where they lived for a few years before returning to the Philippines, moreover exposed them to the residential and commercial standards of the industry.

MURILLO has in its stable, not only some of the best craftspeople in the industry, but also the brothers' combined artistic and design talent that makes their products stand out. The brothers constantly do research and development, always looking for ways to create and innovate. A new interpretation of conventional furniture motivates the duo. Both have a strong belief that design and function are very important elements in all the products they create.

Allan creates design concepts for furniture while Chris does mostly artworks such as sculptures, paintings, lamps, and wall decors. Locally-sourced natural materials such as rattan, leather, wood, abaca, seagrass, and shells are mixed with industrial materials like iron, aluminum, and processed polymer. They play around subtle contrasts on colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and forms.

Supremely crafted, clean fluid lines, elegant and aesthetic details - these are the elements that MURILLO strives to achieve with both its transitional and contemporary designs. This reflects the company's enduring and deep respect for the craft while always having an open mind for new and creative ways of material applications and production. Making use of a mixture of indigenous and industrial materials, every product is of premium quality and designed with nature, everyday objects and experiences as inspiration.

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