The designer, JEMA GAMER, was first exposed to the world of Philippine textiles during her visit to the Manila Fame’s annual fair. With fascination and excitement towards this newly found interest, she proceeded to learn more about these hand-woven fabrics specially Abel Iloko.

An artist with roots all the way from la union, she immersed herself more in the arts through collaborations with local artists from her province. These collaborations led her to come up with the idea to put up MODISTA, a brand that is sustainable, not just for the artist but also for the weavers, consumers and even the environment. A brand that is sustainable and at the same time promotes province's culture.

Today, MODISTA aims to be a global forerunner when it comes to Sustainable fashion. It is a fashion label that preserves Filipino Art and Culture such as local hand weaves, digital and traditional art.

Every garment design is infused with the vibrance and diversity of Philippine culture and Artistry. We mix both of fine fabrics and a traditional hand-woven textile with a touch of local artist to accentuate, making it the designs timeless and contemporary. We aim to highlight the vast un-tapped talents of young artisans in La Union, MODISTA has teamed up with the artists of locals to come up with designs for our collection.

Quinavite Bauang La Union

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