A brand is born

Manila-based brand MIRTH&YIFT™ features handmade and bespoke accessories made of unique materials hand-carved mother of pearl and cold porcelain. Launched in 2018, the brand started with with a limited collection of handmade earrings that featured mother of pearl flower earrings adorned with freshwater pearls and in soft colors of white, pink and yellow. 

In limited-quantities fashion, the brand had over 70 mother of pearl statement earring designs and select fan-favorites remain in the brand’s constant assortment. Following a series of private trunk shows to showcase its collections, MIRTH&YIFT™ entered Rustan’s on July 2019 and giant fashion ecommerce Zalora on February 2021.

On September 2020, the brand continued to evolve and to redefine its category with the launch of its cold porcelain bridal collection. Every piece is personal and at the heart of our brand is our design process. The hand-sculpted flower designs flow naturally in freestyle, not exact replicas, but in soft, fine silhouettes of floral inspirations fit for the aesthetic of a particular design.

About the designer

Born and raised in Bulacan, May Samson-Lalata started a brand out of sheer inspiration to create and a self-taught will to design. Growing up, she would make accessories made of glass beads and cotton cords, and knotted necklaces from recycled fabrics. She wants MIRTH&YIFT to be intentional in its product offerings: from the making of hand-carved mother of pearl earrings to partnering with local artisans for gold-plated silver jewelry pieces and to designing and creating  bespoke bridal cold porcelain pieces.


The collection features a myriad of bridal accessories designs and signature pieces - tiaras, crowns, combs and hair slides - all inspired by soft silhouettes of delicate flowers sampaguitas, magnolias and white lilies.

The technique of perfecting a design is in the details: hand-sewing flowers, pearls and glass beads on gold-plated wire tells a lot about both the story and intricacy of each piece.

To ensure every piece is made newMIRTH&YIFT bridal accessories are made to order.  

Handmade & bespoke

The brand will continue to innovate with new colors and textures, explore new categories and materials, together with its bestsellers - mother of pearl and classic cold porcelain pieces. 

MIRTH&YIFT™ is a registered trademark.


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