MIL Export manufactures finely handcrafted seasonal decoration and houseware made of tin, metal, and wire. Its current product line consists of Christmas- and angel-themed crafts in the form of hanging ornaments and tabletops decors. These are sold abroad, mainly to retailers and wholesalers in the United States, Europe, and Japan. 

In 1986, Mrs. Milagros Lacson, then 40 years old, left her banking job and mulled the idea of starting a business. After just a few short months, she found herself in New York as a participant in a trade show where she showcased Philippine-made jewelry. Mil Export was officially established less than a year later. Through the years, it offered a variety of Filipino-made products for export, the most notable of which were papier-mâché sculptures that became bestsellers. At one point, Mrs. Lacson was dubbed “Queen of Papier-Mâché” in the industry. When the trend subsided, Mil Export explored utilizing other materials and began using tin, metal, and wires to develop its current merchandise.

When the 2020 global pandemic ensued, MIL Export was not spared from difficulties. While its factory remained operational and ready for production, the demand for decorative housewares significantly decreased. One of its biggest clients, a US retail chain called Pier 1, permanently closed due to the effects of the health crisis. Furthermore, travel restrictions made it difficult to join trade shows where it could interact with potential buyers and expand its customer base. Like many businesses, it had to resort to using its online channels – website and email.

For now, Mrs. Lacson is focused on maintaining good relations with their long-standing clients. These relationships have been key to ensuring the company’s survival and keeping her staff employed. Despite the challenging times, Mrs. Lacson is not discouraged. Still sprightly at 73, she is constantly thinking about what the company can offer next. She believes that she has something left to contribute to the handicraft exporting industry. After all, MIL Export has managed to survive for over 30 years with unique and high-quality creations that consistently meet the ever-changing demands of the world market.

MIL Export offices are located in Makati City while its factory is in Parañaque City.

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