Fantastical, elaborate, and inventive are just some of the words that describe Maze Manufacturing Co.’s furniture and décor pieces. Maze President Judith Manarang built the company into what is it today by sheer will and an unyielding desire for constant reinvention. Innovation was what fueled the success of Maze. While known for its expertise in creating eye catching accent pieces, Maze is able to adapt to the needs of its clients. Playful elements are often used by Maze, ensuring that their pieces don’t just blend in with the background. For particular clients, their craftsmen can improvise on the design and match it to the personality of the customer; creating furniture can be understated yet still plush enough so owners and guests can bask in comfort and style.  And though Maze also comes up with low-key selections; it is the scene-stealing collections that define the character of this forward-thinking brand. “If you’re looking for the wow factor that’s Maze, “says Manarang. “ But if you need something streamlined and safe, we can do that, too.”

Innovation was what fueled that success of Maze. In its inception, the company focused on weaving, but Manarang experimented with Mt. Pinatubo ash, terracotta, metal, and ceramics in an effort to find a niche. She then saw that wrought iron was the suitable medium to transform her ideas into reality. Thus, from a company that once was a subcontractor, it is now a master workshop of metal. Setting itself apart from other manufacturers in the market, Maze takes calculated risks in its design resulting in its signature, elegant, regal pieces. The Company’s design direction is often inspired by Manarang’s own travels and merges cultural inspirations and design sensibilities from all over Asia, Europe, and also the Middle East - The latter being Maze’s Main market.

Magalang Road Angeles City REGION III Philippines 2009

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