MARA PIÑON creates wearable art for your hearts. Entwining whimsically fun ideas and fashion together is what we do best.


We know that we experience struggles deep within ourselves, that sometimes when our brain is not cooperating with us, it is hard to do even the simplest tasks. Our wearable art is meant to entice the wearer to face their days ahead. Excite them with colors and ideas which add sparks of joy and excitement throughout the day, in which we hope to help them and tell them that she is not alone. 


Working with Filipino artisans and influencing our audience with a growth mindset is a big part of our values. We provide artisanal-grade and reliable items by encouraging innovative approaches while giving value to the traditional human hand work in our creative process. 


Creating is a never-ending process and we are excited to do business with you. We are humble and small at the moment but our dreams are big.


For a more visual representation of who we are, kindly visit our website at


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