LILY came to be in 2017 when her founder, Stella, had an afternoon of mixing and matching her mother’s stash of jewelry components. The very first pair of?Lily earrings was actually conceptualized within a span of three minutes by arbitrarily connecting semi-precious stones and links of a vintage signed gold-plated necklace.?A few days later, Stella came up with Lily’s first collection of jewelry pieces inspired by her recent trip to Spain.






The same concept of mixing and matching is used until today, but is given much more meticulosity. Materials from a spectrum of places are combined to create pieces that are inspired by nature, architecture, fine craftsmanship of various cultures, and, most importantly, stories. It all begins from a memory, a feeling of nostalgia. A conversation starts, then is translated into a design. And three years later, Stella, together with her mom, Carol, continue to create dozens of jewelry pieces that speak and spark conversations too.  

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