Reason To Live

In each ingenious woodwork intentionally crafted for the home, Lapekto Lapel interlaces excellence with sustainability and all while supporting their community. The kitchen and home accessories aim to beautify the home and deliver quality craftsmanship that are sustainably source. Lapekto Lapel is one of the established acacia wood producers in the Philippines, We gain more clients from different parts of the world.

Quality Assurance

We give to our customers a reason to do business with us and to keep coming back.. Customer satisfaction guaranteed is our goal. Our wood are  sorted  selected  for big items inside the core and the small items around the core of the wood. To meet the durability and stability of our products . Our Salad Bowl we choose core of the wood without any hole or any putty to deliver to you our high premium quality Salad Bowl. To  guarantee your satisfaction to value your money. And can be used until to your next of kin. 

Sustainable Materials

  Our Pledge to the Nature is not Destroying our Environment. Even more we diverted into meaningful mission and become our interest  to our Nature that our  people learned, literate and become Aware of Climate Change. Our company have affiliate partner with private huge land Acacia Wood  Tree Plantation Ecologically Reforested. They start planting during their younger age with Collaboration and Compliance  with DEPARTMENT OF  ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES. Our forester has practice their expertise into sustainable supply. We are now developing HYBRID ACACIA MANGIUM  that grows and can be harvested  for seven years only .And we plant continuously for our future needs. Acacia Wood is fast growing tree. They multiply by itself when the seeds fall open to the ground more than we expected, Even the birds help us to propagate  when they flew away the seeds and flowers around. Acacia Tree is not endanger species the scientific tree name is  SEMANEA SAMAN. 

Generate Job

 Our Interest is to support our People and their family creating more JOB. That they have food to serve on their table and for the future of their children and to send them to the school to  stop the multiplication of  Poverty  and Illiteracy.During this Pandemic Crisis we are still trying to grow and to proceed. In your never ending support .You  are helping  us to sustain  this family.

We Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Heart.  

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