For more than 30 years Jean Marc Pasquet has travelled the world searching for the finest, the most innovative and unique raw materials.  

In the 80s Jean Marc developed the craftsmanship of Galuchat (in English Shagreen) in the little island of Cebu, Philippines where artisans were known for their remarkable shell-inlay skill. He produced exceptional pieces for VIPs including an extensive collection for the King Hassan II of Morocco. 

In 2006,  Jean Marc opened La Galuche Inc., a brand-new manufacturing facility in the Cebu Export Zone which is today managed by his daughter and son team. Today La Galuche employs around 50 specialized artisans. 

La Galuche focuses on offering custom-made high quality accessories and furniture with exceptional materials including exotic skins such as stingray, parchment (goat skins), python, tropical shells and luxurious woods (ebony, palm wood). 



La Galuche's funiture and home accessories are made in-house with very strict processes and guidelines. The facility can produce any custom items based on drawings or pictures. 

The lead time is 6-12 weeks depending on the volume of the order.



The items are manufactured using grade-A imported Carb 2 compliance plywood and keen-dry solid mahogany wood.

Hinges and slides are imported from Austria (Blum).  Bespoke Hardware are from France.



La Galuche hand-picks only grade-A air-dried stingray skins or soft-tanned skins and offers a large selection of exotic materials.

All the artisans are in-house and highly trained to offer highest quality of details and finishing. All the skins are dyed and inlayed using the traditional french technique.

La Galuche imports woods and veneers from all over the world. The veneer is finished in a spray booth using modern techniques and high-end coatings from Italy. 



La Galuche's items are always packed in solid wood crates which is always included in the quoted Ex-factory price. 

 Custom gift boxes can be offered for accesories & table-top collections. 

All items all shipped from Cebu, Philippines with proper documentation and permits for the skins, raw materials and wood.

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