In the face of adversity, we edge forward.

As we are confronted by trying times, various difficulties pushed us down. Our struggles commenced when we allowed upheaval to gather disappointments and hopelessness. Now we find ourselves in deep trough… for we have ignored the warning signs. But now there is no way to go but up. Since we have amply settled on the bottom, it is time to ascend. It is still a wonderful world melting in vibrant colors with its toxicity. Let us dance and celebrate as we brave the waves of challenges and plant seeds of hope in this dangerous world.

We defy the normal.

X is usually referred as the label of an unfavorable brand in contrast to the brand being promoted. Label X is made to confront this idea with a direct-to-the-point approach. It is based on the concept of functionality and efficiency. That is why, it is great for small spaces for it is space-saving and, like puzzle pieces, can be arranged in various ways. As it is created with the thought of the gradual progression from being wallowed by affliction, each piece is made to project the hopefulness in this tough times. The world is lava; this is the new normal.

The DAFT approach.

Our team uses a multi-disciplinary approach where we redefine complex design problems through different theories and perspectives for better understanding. It may be a silly method to follow, but for the team, it means serious business. The DAFT approach stands for Dependable design, wherein we design highly durable and multi-purpose pieces that would fit the user’s needs. Architecture in form; design for us is not just focusing on the aesthetics, but also the functionality and the durability of the pieces. Fun experience; as a team, we like to get everyone be involved in the design process. Though, it can be boring and stressful, but having a shared goal makes it more fun and exciting. Timeless; Our team focuses on creating not only captivating but also functional pieces that will surely last a lifetime. These values help create a painstaking take on each product we put out. Design should be approached from an abstract point of view, through the application of an interdisciplinary process. A designer’s vision will eventually unfold into a story.

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