Kimochi Aroma has been manufacturing natural home remedy products for almost a decade. Products include microwavable herbal pillows and a curated selection of linen sprays and essential oils for aromatherapy. Aiming to promote holistic healing using products that are free from synthetic materials, Kimochi Aroma provides wholly natural solutions and to go “back to basics”—particularly with the idea of using hot and cold compress as alternative solutions for various types of muscle aches and physical pains. All Kimochi Aroma products are hand-crafted and Filipino-made.

The company derives its name from the Japanese word for “good mood” (Kimochi). This is top of mind when crafting its entire product line that aims to alleviate pain and discomfort. The first Kimochi Aroma product was created in 2012 when the owner himself needed relief from a dislocated shoulder. Together with his wife, who is a Physician, they developed and designed a pillow best suitable to alleviate pain, both acute and chronic in nature. Soon, Kimochi Aroma was born, with its star product the Microwavable Herbal Pillow leading the way to its current success.

The Kimochi Aroma Herbal Pillow is vastly different from other heat pads in that it contains a unique mixture of various grains and dried seeds that sustain moist heat. Wrapped in special high-quality fabric, these herbal pillows also give off a soothing aroma for added therapeutic effect. All herbal pillows are made from organic fillers and herbal extracts that can either warm or cool the body, providing a safe and healthy way to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Most Kimochi Aroma Herbal Pillows are made with peppermint and lavender essential oils.

Kimochi Aroma also believes in the power of aromatherapy, including a selection of essential oils to address various concerns. The company handpicks a fusion of herbs and aromatic plants that nurture the mind and body to help one reduce stress, hasten a good night’s sleep, and boost energy. This line includes Peppermint, Lavender, and Orange oils, among others.

Additionally, Kimochi Aroma offers customization services for gifts and souvenirs. They currently do this for corporate, wedding, and private events, providing special prints, personalized branding, and custom-fit packaging to suit your needs.

Kimochi Aroma is located in Quezon City, Philippines.

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