KILUS Foundation started in 1997 as a volunteer group of housewives and mothers based in Barangay Ugong in Pasig City tasked with implementing the Clean and Green projects of the Barangay Council headed by then-Chairman Alejandro Santiago, husband of the Foundation president Editha. Through the concerted efforts of the Council and the Foundation, Barangay Ugong was declared the Cleanest and Greenest Barangay along the Pasig, Marikina and San Juan Rivers in 1997. With the initial goals for the community achieved, Chairman Santiago then endeavored to provide livelihood to the women who had helped clean and green the Barangay. The idea of sewing bags from recycled doy juice packs came through a seminar conducted by ZKK speaker Dra. Meliora. KILUS Foundation’s bags made from recycled doy juice packs were featured in various media outlets. This led to orders from international buyers and in 2001, KILUS Foundation became a Multi-Purpose Cooperative jointly owned by all its members. The bags were formally introduced to the international market when KILUS was invited by DTI and CITEM to join its first Manila FAME show. Orders came from all parts of the globe and to date, KILUS products are delivered to 18 countries worldwide. in producing bags and other fashion accessories that are crafted with love. KILUS members participate in activities that develop their total being. We aim to mold our members into individuals who care for and love God, themselves, their families, their co-workers, the environment and the Foundation. We believe that once we develop these qualities in our members and workers, they will only produce bags and other accessories that are not only beautiful but also well-made, sturdy and of high quality because this is their family’s means of livelihood that also helps them contribute to the preservation of the environment. Our members, most of them housewives and mothers, feel proud of the work of their own hands, while at the same time caring for Mother Nature and providing for thebasic needs of their families. It is a joy to hear a single mother speak with pride at having provided her children with something as basic as a clean toilet, which most people take for granted. All these because of our bags.

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