Kara de Juan is a maker of fashion accessories, bags and small furniture pieces made of ethically sourced and discarded carabao horns. Our company is built with the Filipino ideals in mind, hence the name KARA, meaning “mukha” or face, and JUAN, coining the moniker JUAN DELA CRUZ which refers to the Filipino. The brand’s identity lies in the admirable traits inherent to every Filipino: resilient, ingenious, adaptable, hardworking and with a strong sense of faith and bayanihan. 

Our skilled workers and hands-on input in design conceptualization ensures that each piece of Kara de Juan merchandise is meticulously crafted and fashioned with dedication and pride. Our designs can effortlessly go from casual to corporate or from playful to elegant. This purely Philippine-owned company is dedicated to create export quality products to represent what is good and praiseworthy of the Filipino.

All Products from KARA DE JUAN

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