House of Laurel is a demicouture line shaped by the Modern Filipina; modernity informed by tradition, femininity unbound from conventions, and an artfulness woven with the fabric of the everyday. Standout details such as embroidery, beadwork, and hand-painted prints permeate vastly in its pieces, elevating garments into editioned art pieces. These sensibilities have propelled the brand to attain recognition in both local and international contexts. With hopefulness and vigor, the brand approaches its next step: a foray into the global market.


House of Laurel's processes and practices are rooted in recirculation and producer responsibility. For years, the brand has offered services like repairs and re-orders to its clientele. In the past year, the brand highlighted its recirculation efforts through its Re-Edition project. In Re-Edition, the brand's designer, Rajo Laurel, and his creative team took apart and reworked pre-existing garments from past collections to reduce waste. The brand prides itself on well-thought-out processes and design as its team believes that good design should and always be sustainable.

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