Our Studio aims to create and deliver beautiful and functional spaces, through our innovative design, furniture pieces, decors and accessories.

And in doing so, uplift the local manufacturing industry and sustain the livelihood of furniture-making which is known in our province of Bulacan.


Each product passes through the creative combination of carefully-planned designs and ideas from various inspirations and use of locally available materials. Good workmanship and function are foremost in each furniture piece. From the raw materials, the production process, to the strict compliance with the most rigorous industry standards, we make sure everything comes together to achieve excellent quality.


The town of Baliwag in the province of Bulacan , Philippines, is the home of skilled furniture manufacturers who are very efficient in the production of a wide range of world class furniture. The excellent craftsmanship and skills of our furniture makers has already been passed on from generations. They are proficient with the techniques and application of the significant local raw materials which we use in our furniture. We also support sustainability and environment-friendly practices in all aspects of the production.


Since we opened last 2016, we have been working with people from our local community of Baliuag Bulacan.

Aside from wood working, Bulakenos have also been known for other crafts and skills like rattan/solihiya weaving, manual artistic carving, and bone in-laying or what is known as imbute.

These processes are manually, and carefully done by hand, using locally manufactured raw materials. The solihiya weave comes from rattan, and the imbute from carabao bones.

These skills have been passed on from older generations.


As we apply these methods, we aim to modernize the designs and breathe a new life to tradition. And with a bit of technology and machinery, develop innovative processes . This we do by attending seminars, product and equipment research. The goal is to help our workers learn new techniques, improve production time and quality, while at the same time contribute to their sustainability.


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