Established in 1987, Great Gifts & Souvenirs Intl. (GGSI) has been engaged in the manufacture and retail of gifts, souvenirs, and houseware utilizing materials—indigenous and endemic to our region Davao in Mindanao, Philippines.
Through the years, GGSI has developed a wide array of hand-crafted products using various hand-loomed and hand-woven Philippine fabric and materials. Focusing mainly on gift items, our business enterprise has produced a variety of souvenir items, tokens, and corporate give-aways. Our product line has further expanded to fashion accessories.
We supply institutional buyers such as souvenir shops, hotels and department stores both locally and globally. We have produced for the export market, products for the home such as photo frames, storage boxes, throw pillowcases, lamp shades, and trays.


To this day, we continuously strive to improve our craftsmanship through sustainable designs and collaboration with local communities. GGSI hopes to contribute to countryside development and the preservation of Philippine heritage through arts and crafts.

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