Our company was inspired by the creative legacy of a good designer and a friend, who not only showcased to the world the beauty of natural Philippine materials through her creative genius but also promoted Filipino craftsmanship.  

Dierde as a company, is a community of Filipino craftsman workers who all contribute to see the company succeed, as besides the joy of having to share their passion through the products they make, it also help put food on the table. Thus, its success is everyone’s. 

Dierde, which was derived from “Die Erde”--German for the Earth, showcases our planet’s natural resources with their timeless crafts. Through their dedication and skill, the company has grown to become a community of Filipino craftsmen that aim to promote unique home decor to the international market. The Talisay, Cebu-based brand shares their passion of introducing their local work to the world stage through creative innovation that is reflected in each of their intricate pieces.



Zone 5, Dumlog City Of Talisay Cebu REGION VII Philippines 6045

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