DEDIPO is a furniture depot that aims to nurture Philippine furniture craftmanship and arts. 

Dedipo collections are handpicked in core theme of minimalism, functionality, simplicity and elegance. Showcasing that luxury and elegance is simple while also cultivating contemporary modern arts and designs. We want to encourage and embrace being contemporary and unique, welcoming diversity in open mindedness to allow creativity to flow. We innovate dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts and subjects that continue to challenge boundaries to be eclectic and contemporary. 

In overly saturated, ever changing world, it is simplicity and clarity that highlight the essence of things. We want to inspire a lifestyle that values quality over quantity and motivates people to constantly explore, experience and create. We aim to engage the most fascinating clarity of minimalism and the class of simplicity is luxury.

Consequently our creative expression is a style both eye catching & elegant, artistic & stylish, fresh yet timeless, pure yet passionate.

And part of our legacy, we want showcase Filipino craftmanship and talent by upholding integrity, commitment and passion in every piece we make. We believe that furniture is an art piece.  


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