Coast Pacific Manufacturing Corporation has proved its competence and reliance in the industry for more than twenty-five years. The company was established in the year 1993 and has been supplying quality hand-made indoor and outdoor furniture to homes, restaurants, hotels and resorts locally and abroad. We continue to aspire to serve our clients with furniture and accessories that would add elegance and exquisiteness to their place. Thus, we are known for our flexibility towards clients’ and designers’ concepts and ideas. We are also focused on the clients’ needs and pay special attention to every little detail to ensure quality and delivery. Our non-stop innovation and product development positioned us to stay ahead in the fast-changing industry trends which bring more appeal to both local and international markets. Coast Pacific sees to it that every piece is a “Furniture that inspires a lifestyle”.

Coast Pacific is an experienced manufacturer of hand-crafted indoor and outdoor furniture. Our products include a wide range of accents, accessories, and furniture to fit your every requirement. Our signature collections feature innovative designs that capture the imagination.  Innovative designs that capture the imagination. Each piece is intricately hand-built, thoughtfully crafted by skilled artisans, and elegantly tailored. Centuries-old crafting and weaving techniques are applied to create modern, delightful designs bringing irresistible flair to your space. We use natural, sustainable, and a variety of upcycled materials to replicate nature’s finest details. We offer a diverse range of fabric and material choices that provide premium breathable comfort for home or commercial use. Serving both local and international markets, Coast Pacific is proud to provide customers with choices that reflect distinctive style and passion for good design, while being durable and resistant to damages.

Coast Pacific St., Mahiga Creek, Kasambagan, Cebu City 6000 Cebu City Cebu Philippines Cebu City REGION VII Philippines 0

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