Chini Studio

The design studio eponymous from the designer Chini Lichangco, creates lighting fixtures and table top accessories which draws inspiration from nature and organic design. This budding studio integrates a naturalistic and whimsical approach in their creations, from free flowing movements to organic forms and aesthetics. Their goal is to design pieces that are thoughtful and elegant evoking a free flowing form devoid of constraints making each unique pieces alive.

Chini envisions her pieces as characters in her bright and colorful world, each molded to have different personas. She aims to evoke a sense of warmth in her pieces to bring that heart felt warmness along in the homes of the people that appreciates her work.

Started from humble beginnings, the studio continues to work and collaborate with local suppliers and craftsmen supporting fellow local businesses and aims to bring it to the global stage. With pieces which already achieved accolades from other countries, the studio continues its pursuit to showcase the Filipino talent, ingenuity and craftsmanship. With collaboration one of their values, they continually work with local artists and fellow startups to come up with ideas and designs that align with their organic, sustainable and naturalistic approach.

Chini have also collaborated with established brands and designers namely one of her mentors, Kenneth Cobonpue which she continues to learn from and grow. The brand Chini carries on growing just like its organic design principle, learning from experiences and adapting to new ideas and innovations. From its brainchild Chini Lichangco, this young and bright designer is full of novel designs which emanates with the brand’s culture of organic growth, sustainability, and collaboration. Nevertheless the studio enjoys finding new and exciting ways to tell a heartfelt story in their carefully handcrafted masterpieces.

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