Quiro by Chelsi Leather and Services, Inc. is a proud Philippine-based brand that manufactures genuine leather goods. Our brand has been creating high-quality handmade leather products for our customers around the world.

We are committed in offering leather products that are durable and practical at the same time.

Quiro only uses 100% full grain leather that allows the natural marbling, texture, and unique character of leather to come through – imperfections and all.





Each of our product is a handcrafted work of art with great attention to detail and made only with premium materials. We do believe quality leather goods should be accessible and need not be imported and expensive.

With the combination of superior quality, expertise, and excellent craftsmanship, we pride ourselves with the leather products we offer.

Check out our collection or allow us to custom-build your next leather project.

All Products from CHeLSI Leather & Services Inc.

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