Calli was founded by Theresa Nepomuceno in 2013. This boutique luxury brand offers unique, luxury handbags for women. Their bags that come in an array of shapes, colors, designs, and materials are handcrafted—handcarved, handbeaded, and handpainted. They use traditional techniques in an effort to preserve local craftsmanship. 

It has become famous for its wooden handbags, primarily made of acacia wood. Other materials this proudly Filipino brand uses are natural raffia, calf leather, vegan leather, natural rattan fiber, sinamay fiber, faux suede lining, denim fabric, and banig fiber, with beads, stones, brass, and metal accents. 

Calli’s core value lies in the prudent use of nature. All their natural acacia wood is ethically sourced, as they come from fallen trees. The ethical sourcing of raw materials is their guiding principle when choosing the local suppliers to work with and trust in. One more material Calli takes pride in is the langkit; it’s a traditional Maranao weave that’s marked by its intricate geometric patterns crafted using the kelim technique. In this brand’s portfolio, it’s typically used for statement-making handles and straps. Calli also aims to provide livelihood opportunities to local communities of carvers, weavers, bead makers, and craftsmen. 

East meets West in Calli’s style philosophy, giving their products an international appeal. In its seven-year history, Calli has exported its products not only around Asia in countries like Japan and Singapore but also to North America (Canada and the United States), and Western Europe (France, Germany, and the United Kingdom). With its world-class designs, the award-winning brand also got to join international events such as the Project Women’s in Las Vegas Convention Center and the Margaret McNamara Education Grants (MMEG) Arts & Crafts Fair in Washington DC.  

The Calli collection is available in fashion stores in New York (Dream Floral), Miami (Girlee Boutique), California (Heidi Carey LLC), Canada (MEAG Fil), Japan (Abiste), and Atlanta USA (Hottie Lord). Clients from different parts of the world may also avail of their pieces via shopping from their website They ship locally and internationally.  

Calli is located in Parañaque City, Metro Manila. Philippines.

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