Our company was passed down to us from the old Weavers of P-2 Mahayahay, who were known for their heartfelt labor and dedication.

As I mentioned before, I launched my firm (BINUHAT) with the assistance of the DTI two years ago. Despite my best efforts, I am unable to obtain the proper sizes for every item, from the largest to the tiniest. I, as a beneficiary of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, make it a point to save or set aside a portion of the proceeds from every parcel or item I sell in order to provide for my youngest daughter when she is about to embark on her college career. I invested $30,000.00 in this venture to get it off the ground. I'm just grateful that my family understands and supports me in these endeavors. In her role as quality control officer for the company, my youngest kid meticulously inspects each and every product.



With the assistance of the Department of Trade and Industry, we participated in a number of trade fairs and shows, including Buy Caraga By Caraga, Mindanao Trade Expo, Sandugo Festival in Bohol, National Arts and Crafts in Manila, Sikat Pinoy Show, and, most importantly, the Manila Fame, an international event that was held in the Philippines at Pasay City.

Our company's name, BINUHAT, is derived from a vernacular phrase that means "hand weave." Our emblem is a representation of Tapiraw Weaving, and it represents unity, dedication, skill, a joyous hand, and love. The color yellow represents pleasure, enlightenment, and creativity, as well as optimism, sunlight, and the beginning of spring. Trust, loyalty, confidence, intellect, honesty, and wisdom are represented by the color blue. The use of black as a background for a product helps to elevate it while also representing strength, formality, and power. When it comes to logos, I am quite picky since this is what I consider to be my brand and symbol.


As of right moment, I have 30 weavers and counting. Women from the community and young people are beginning to participate and become involved in these activities, and I am more than ready to educate them, especially when I see their will to succeed.

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