Reuben L. Alderon founded Benjoy Inc. in 1992. The British native who had been working in the toy industry for a quarter of a century found himself impressed by the design capabilities of Filipinos. It was this prowess that prompted him to put up his own toy manufacturing business here in the country that not only celebrated Philippine talent but gave over a hundred skilled craftsmen sustainable work.


Benjoy Inc. specializes in soft toys like plushies, pillows, and dolls made with premium, hypoallergenic materials that have passed US and European standards. It has also branched out to include a vast collection of toys for infants, from mobiles and mats to early-learning knick knacks to basic clothing sets. During the pandemic, the toy factory has continued to conduct business, spreading joy to children via its website and through determined resellers. It has even joined the burgeoning PPE industry with reusable masks made with the same premium, hypoallergenic fabrics used in their highly prized stuffed animals. 


For FAME+, Benjoy Inc. has brought out a line of delightful bedside comforts, koala and cow pillows that can double as toys, oversized unicorns that one can hug and sit on, sweet ragdolls decked out in adorable outfits, and animal-shaped bolster pillows for the big sleepers. It’s also worth noting that the company has a very practical approach to its wares as most of the plushies and pillows are easily washable. Customized orders—even for facemasks—are also available for the more particular customer. 


Spreading happiness and cuddles for almost 30 years, it’s no wonder Benjoy Inc. has created a name for itself locally and internationally as a supplier for gifts and souvenirs.

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