Aranaz is a fashion accessories label that celebrates living a life in leisure.

Collections are crafted to sprinkle hints of the exotic and artisanship on everyday life, providiing the modern woman with a quick escape from their fast-paced lifestyles through items of intricacy and taste. Every collection echoes the history behind the brand and its affinity to craftsmanship and the handmade. The brand has perfected that signature blend of polished and artisanal the very combination that has made Aranaz some kind of boudoir frequented by the chic, the powerful, the cool of Manila. 

Since its launch, Aranaz has grown from humble beginnings to become a leading Filipino handbag brand that has set the stage and is the forerunner in bringing indigenous artisan crafts into the chic realm of the fashion world. Making Filipino tradition relevant to the modern woman. Bringing forth a renewed sense of appreciation for local artisanship. Today, the Aranaz offsprings have stepped breathed new life to the brand and have started its expansion into the international market.

Forming a mother-daughter trio, eldest daughter, Amina Aranaz, stands as creative director and lead designer. While the youngest of the Aranaz brood, Rosanna Aranaz leads international sales, branding, and marketing. Together they build on the brand's rich heritage and legacy of craftsmanship by making use of traditional Filipino crafts to bring it into modern day relevance. 

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