AMAMI is a social enterprise that celebrates centuries-old jewelry traditions of the Philippines.

It is our mission to keep the tradition of handcrafted pre-Hispanic heritage jewelry alive and merge them into contemporary thinking and culture. We believe in empowering, providing sustainable livelihood and creating opportunities for Filipino artisans.



What began as a passion project between two childhood friends to provide income for one of the last artisans who was then about to migrate overseas, today, AMAMI works with over 20 artisans to create wearable art rich with stories and traditions of the Filipino people. AMAMI creations are an exemplar of the art of filigree, an indigenous technique where fine metal threads are expertly twisted and molded to form beautiful, intricate designs.

We are proud to share with you an age-old craft that is uniquely Filipino - lovingly handmade by artisans who inherited the skill from their forefathers and who spend countless hours creating each piece.

Wear a piece of Philippine history with AMAMI.

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